When were you born
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When were you born

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'The purpose of this book is to endeavour to show in a clear and simple manner the useful and practical truth that underlies the so-called occult study of reading character and disposition by the "period of birth," and the meaning of the number of each day and the influence of such things on human life. It will, I hope, be seen in reading these pages how perfect is the mechanism of the Universe, by which certain characteristics, and even details as to health, may be traced by a study of such things.'- Cheiro

A book which sets forth clearly the influence of the zodiac on human life. Shows the affinity of one person to another. Describes the character of the marriage or business partner. Of interest to everyone

Now you can get this book in pdf version which can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free pdf book reader commonly found in almost all computers).


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